Pollard’s Patter

It’s been difficult to detect a note of optimism in the world of renewables after the recent and anticipated announcements. There will certainly be some challenging times ahead. However, I was fascinated to read some comments made by representatives of the National Grid which were published recently. One of the statements which caught my eye stated that ‘…energy from the Sun was expected to be one of the most cost-effective ways to power homes within 18 months.’

This is a BIG statement in every sense especially when coupled with the follow-up comment that ‘Grid parity is the average cost of generation on the network and solar could be there in 18 to 24 months…’ If government is looking to judge on the efficacy of the Feed-in Tariff scheme then it need look no further. This situation has become possible because of the economies of scale driven by uptake. In addition, we have reached the situation where there is an army of advocates for PV in our cities, towns and villages. We have householders who are happy to share their experiences and satisfaction with their systems. We have actual performance figures in real everyday situations. Of course this applies equally to renewable heating systems and the RHI but we are much earlier in the cycle.

It seems to me that any measures which allow hard-working families to protect themselves from rising energy costs and build in resilience would be something to be encouraged with enthusiasm and commitment.