REA seeks policy clarity following Hinkley nuclear deal

The Renewable Energy Association is asking the government to clarify its energy strategy following an agreement between the UK and Chinese governments to build a nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

The deal comes at a time of turmoil in the renewables industry driven by proposed changes to key green subsidies. The REA say they are struggling to see the larger joined up vision of a national energy strategy when the taxpayer is being asked to pay a strike price of £92.50 to support Hinkley for the next 35 years, at a time when spending on renewables is being cut.

Dr Nina Skorupska, chief executive of the REA, said: “The REA welcomes the government’s continued commitment to low carbon energy production, but urges them to reveal the overall energy strategy. The industry and the public are concerned and unclear about the future of renewables, many of which are roaring towards the point in which they need no subsidy at all.

“The REA is interested to understand the government’s vision for decentralised energy production in the UK, which allows communities, homeowners and businesses to directly take a stake in their energy future.”