ZERO secures exclusive distribution rights for Gapsal heat pumps

Gapsal Heat Pump
ZERO has signed a deal to exclusively distribute a range of Gapsal large capacity heat pumps in the UK.

ZERO’s managing director, Finian Parrick, said: “ZERO is thrilled to be the only UK distributor for our range of Gapsal heat pumps, but you might be asking what makes this product range stand out from the crowd? Why will these heat pumps appeal to my customers? The answer to this is simple – an invertor compressor.

“In traditional models, the refrigerant stops being transferred once the air in the building reaches the required temperature, and starts again when the temperature deviates from this. This means that the heat pump requires energy to restart this process each time the temperature changes.

“The invertor compressor featured in the Gapsal range monitors and adjusts the amount of refrigerant transferred according to temperature conditions and heating requirements, removing the need for the system to continuously stop and start, and thereby reducing energy consumption. When high temperatures are required, the compressor operates at maximum speed, but on average the system will only need to operate at approximately 50 percent capacity, making the compressor highly efficient and economical.”