Two of a kind

Liz MacFarlane, Zenex Solar, provides an update on how things are going since the acquisition of Zenex by PV distributor Segen three months ago

Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few culture shocks to overcome as you’d expect.  Zenex and Segen have different ways of working and the aim has always been to learn from each other and implement new processes to benefit all our customers.

Here at Zenex, we are now utilising our very own online sales software as well as being able to offer all of our customers access to the revered Segen PV design and quote system which enables you to configure a complete PV installation.   All things we could never offer prior to becoming part of the Segen group. Historically, our team did literally thousands of quotes on your behalf, all by hand.

These technological enhancements of the Zenex business complement our reputation for providing individual, hands on customer service which we pride ourselves on.  The new IT driven infrastructure enables us to provide the support we’re known for but much more efficiently and importantly – with less paper.

The core team here at Zenex remains the same.   I am still Zenex sales director as well as now holding a position on the Segen board of directors.  We are still based in Yorkshire and delivering nationwide but now share Segen’s warehouse in Bolton.  You can still pick up the phone and ask us to quote on your behalf, but now we have more scope and support to help you win your projects.

The summary is that Zenex is now supported by a sophisticated IT structure as well as the Segen team and both businesses now provide a multi-faceted service and the widest portfolio of products in the industry.