NICEIC calls for more women in construction

NICEIC has welcomed a new report by the NHBC Foundation which calls for more action to boost the number of young women in the construction industry.

Research by the NHBC Foundation indicates that while a third of young boys and men are interested in building and construction, only one in ten girls feel the same way.

The report – A career choice: attracting talented young people into house building – makes a number of key recommendations including:
-Prioritising the promotion of the careers available in house building
-Countering the concern that house building may not provide career structures and may be a dead-end choice
-Encouraging the development of a new positive narrative of the wider benefits of house building
-Promoting and championing professional careers in house building

NICEIC CEO, Emma Clancy, said: “We welcome this important research and fully support the recommendations included within it.

“Thankfully attitudes of the past are changing. It is now more common to see a female carrying out work on a building site, but as the research by NHBC highlights, these numbers are still relatively low.

“This is an important issue if we are to change the image of the sector and plug the skills gap of the future.”