Spring watch

MCS would like to take this opportunity to remind installers and manufacturers of the updated standards published in November 2014, and potential changes to the eligibility rules for the domestic RHI.

Subject to parliamentary process and approval of the draft regulations, these changes are expected to come into force in spring 2015

A summary of the standards that have been updated are listed below, and can also be accessed from the standards section of the MCS website (www.microgenerationcertification.org/mcs-standards).

Installer Standards:

  • Installer certification scheme requirements (MCS 001)
  • Solar heating standard (MIS 3001)
  • Heat pump standard (MIS 3005)
  • Heat emitter guide (MCS 021)
  • Additional requirements for MCS installers to become Green Deal authorised (MCS 023)
  • MCS Scheme Matrix

Product Standards:

  • Product certification scheme requirements (MCS 007)

Please refer to the final page of each standard for a summary of amendments.

MCS certified installers are requested to ensure they are working to the new standards in accordance with the transition period shown at the front of each standard.

In the case of domestic heat technology installations, please note that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) issued the following guidance relating to domestic RHI applications:

“The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) will shortly be publishing updated installation standards for heat pumps (MIS 3005) and solar thermal (MIS 3001) and an updated Heat Emitter Guide (MCS 021). These standards are referenced in the RHI regulations and we intend to update the regulations to refer to the new standards.

“There will be a transition period for the MCS standards and if your heating system is installed in that period it can be certified to either the old or the updated standard. If your heat system is certified to the updated standard you will not be able to apply for the RHI until the changes to the regulations come into force. You will still have 12 months from commissioning of your heating system to apply for the scheme.”

For further information regarding the potential changes to the domestic RHI, please visit DECC’s website www.gov.uk/decc