REA champions PV storage with UK solar launch


The Renewable Energy Association has announced the official launch of UK Solar and its first storage representation body UK Energy Storage

UK Solar will support and represent over 130 of its existing solar members and broaden its member base to become a voice of solar power in the UK.

The REA is also to represent renewable storage technologies with UK Energy Storage – the trade body for all storage technologies across the UK.

REA chief executive Dr Nina Skorupska said: “The REA is excited to announce the launch of UK Solar. Solar power is one of the first major renewable energy technologies set to compete with traditional energy sources without subsidy. The integration of solar as a major player in the UK energy mix will transform the power market. Businesses, households and the public sector will see their energy bills reduced. It is the mission of UK Solar to support and drive the transition to this solar future”

REA senior advisor Ray Noble said: “The potential for energy storage to transform the UK energy mix is immense. Through representing all types and scale storage technologies the REA will drive the commercialisation of viable storage solutions in the UK. The integration of storage technologies will bring down costs and increase the capacity of renewable energy available on demand, which could revolutionise the energy mix.”