Installers must capitalise on winter, says Navitron

Steve Knight_Navitron_13

Navitron is calling for installers to push the benefits of ASHPs in time for homeowners to reap the benefits this winter.

Stephen Knight, commercial director for Navitron, believes that this time of year is best for installing ASHPs.

He said: “Winter is just around the corner and with it comes the likelihood of blustering weather for several months. Not only are many fixed-rate tariffs set to expire this year, but gas and electric prices are steadily on the rise, making it the ideal time for homeowners to make the switch to renewable technology to heat their home.

“One of the best ways of preparing against the tremendous utility bills that electric and gas heating are sure to bring this winter is for homeowners to consider a switch to renewable technologies as their home’s primary way of keeping warm – and air source heat pumps are the perfect option.”

Stephen added: “Selling the benefits of renewable heating heading into winter is an ideal strategy for installers because the unique selling points of heat pumps, specifically, are heightened toward the end of the year. By capitalising on colder weather, installers can make the idea of going green even more appealing to homeowners wanting to save money on utility bills and become more sustainable.”