Innasol launch industry accreditation scheme

Silvio Spiess, founder and CEO of Innasol
Silvio Spiess, founder and CEO of Innasol
Innasol has announced the launch of what it says is the renewable heating industry’s first accreditation programme, the Innasol Certified Partner Programme.

To become an Innasol certified partner, prospective or existing partners must fulfil specific requirements, including achieving high scores in various Innasol training courses and demonstrating proficiency in products and installations. The content of the courses includes staff qualifications, technical execution, and marketing and advertising activities. Also required is a commitment to Innasol’s ten commandments for perfect customer service, which is a vital requisite of the course. Each partner that fulfils the criteria will undergo an annual one day certification process by an independent consultant and will receive twice yearly coaching to continue improvements.

The Innasol Certified Partner Programme’s aim is to maintain high standards of customer service and installations throughout Innasol’s 200-strong partner network. It will comprise of consistent feedback from customers to ensure continuous best practice standards. Feedback will encompass all elements of customer interaction and technical ability, from first contact, throughout the installation to handover, support and maintenance.

Silvio Spiess, founder and ceo of Innasol, said “We are thrilled to be launching the Innasol Certified Partner Programme which is a first for the industry. We strongly believe that the renewable heating industry requires its own best practice standards, both for competitive installers and for paying customers to ensure a lasting legacy of skilled installations. Throughout our partner network, we are continually striving for a better customer experience. We look forward to working with those who fulfil the requirements and demonstrate high levels of service with our Innasol Certified Partner.”