Plumb and Parts Center in charity cash boost

plumb center
Plumb and Parts Center’s Sean Collins and Tim Broadhurst with Tanya Knapper from Scott’s Little Soldiers and Marie Bawden from Castel Froma
Plumb and Parts Center has presented cheques to two life saving charities.

Both Castel Froma, which cares for over 500 people disabled by neurological conditions, and Scotty’s Little Soldiers, for children who have lost parent serving in the armed forces, received £8,902.

“Neurological conditions can affect anybody, at any age,” said Marie Bawden, Castel Froma deputy chief executive.

“We provide a range of therapies including occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy, but all are paid for by fundraising so donations are vital.”

Scotty’s Little Soldiers volunteer, Alan Knell, said: “We help the kids with days out, presents on birthdays and Christmas, and holidays. But it’s really about giving them a network of children in similar situations.

“We’re a non-profit charity so funding is vital. Every penny we make goes to the children.”