Introducing The Central Heating Management Advanced Series

The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company is set to unveil its latest invention – The Central Heating Management Advanced Series System.

It is designed to work with both new and old systems to deliver considerable fuel savings by reducing common problems such as cold spots and reducing the temperature differentials in radiators.

The Chelmsford-based company has run a number of tests and is primarily targeting housing associations.

Development director Jayakumar Ambrose said: “Along with  ‘The Magic Heating Box’ which is a pressure vessel which is welded to aeronautical standards which has a silver luxurious finish , the system upgrades important components that will improve the efficiency of your central heating system giving it a longer life span whilst ensuring that your home gets hot quicker.

“Before the system is installed the whole system is power flushed to remove any sludge or debris in your radiator ensuring that the extra pump that is added as a component increases the flow rate throughout the radiators in the property. The synergies then achieved provide a customer with an opportunity to save up to 30 percent on their Central Heating Bill.”

The company invites interested parties to visit its R&D centre in Chelmsford by appointment at