SMA Solar UK launches SMA ADVANCE Installer Program

SMA ADVANCE has launched the SMA ADVANCE Installer Program for PV installers in the UK.

PV Installers who have already completed a series of mandatory SMA training modules, can begin the SMA ADVANCE installer qualification process after completing the new SMA ADVANCE training module. This includes deeper technical product know-how as well as and system troubleshooting and maintenance issues.

On completion of the SMA ADVANCE module, installers are then required to undergo an Evaluation, Knowledge and Skills process to ensure that technical knowledge and competence has been achieved. The final stage is to check MCS registration validation and references before they are qualified as members of the SMA ADVANCE Installer Program.

Jan Van Laethem, managing director, SMA Solar UK, said “With many other installer schemes competing against each other, we realized the consumer needed accreditation and endorsement from the manufacturer.  We have had many requests from consumers asking for an SMA inverter, not knowing who can provide a reliable and quality installation.

“With this in mind we have created a program, which is free of charge to the installer, but provides a level of training and qualification that allows them to present themselves as an ‘endorsed’ installer from the system manufacturer, SMA Solar UK. This ensures the consumer will receive a quality, reliable installation and will provide the consumer with peace of mind and security they are looking for from the PV industry.”