BELECTRIC UK celebrate Solar Independence day

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On the 4th July 2014, the Solar Trade Association (STA) held ‘Solar Independence Day’ across numerous solar farms around Britain.

BELETRIC UK opened up its Willersey, Cantelupe and Wadebridge Solar farms across Britain and gave tours of the farms to the local communities and schools. The tours were held to educate visitors about solar farms, solar energy and the benefits of home-grown solar energy as part of an educational push by the STA.

Previously in the week, BELETRIC UK launched ‘Big60Million’, a new initiative designed to deliver a range of financial, environmental and social benefits from local solar farms to the 60 million residents of the UK. Toddington Harper CEO said: “It is our first Big60Million community project and we are looking forward to the opportunity of developing additional Big60Million projects to benefit more communities.”

Habitat management programmes have been implemented across BELETRIC UK’s solar farms to show how solar and nature can work in harmony to benefit the environment and produce green energy. As part of the project, BELETRIC UK have also worked with local schools to paint and install homes for British wildlife such as birds, bats and hedgehogs on a number of their solar farms. With the help of the children, Willersey Farm, constructed on low grade agricultural land, has now been turned into a nature sanctuary- a safe home for many birds, insects and wildflowers. Along with this, BELETRIC UK have proudly announced that it currently houses close to 1 Million bees in hives across their solar farms.