Q&A – Hydratech


Q: What have you got planned for the rest of 2014?
To continue developing the excellent relationships and associations Hydratech has built with companies operating, installing and maintaining renewable energy systems. We are the only UK based formulator specialising in the manufacture of inhibited heat transfer fluids and will continue to invest heavily in R&D to expand our innovative product range. Most recently, Biotherm was launched to provide long lasting protection for biomass heating systems and we look forward to seeing the market warm up as individuals take advantage of the domestic RHI.

We launched our new website in May, a complete redesign and content update with comprehensive product details, latest case studies and regular news updates – www.hydratech.co.uk

Q: What do you see as the growth area for renewables?
The general interest in renewable technologies has been raised since the launch of the domestic RHI. Biomass offers huge opportunities providing the correct infrastructure is in place and there are enough trained and registered installers to meet demand. As Hydratech manufacture and supply specialist fluids for solar thermal, ground and air as well as the previously mentioned Biotherm for biomass we are hoping to benefit from an increase in the commercial application of heat pumps and the opportunities for renewables in off-gas areas.

Q: How is your company cutting its carbon footprint?
From the sourcing of materials to the disposal of waste, we have started to monitor all aspects of our operation. We are currently investigating energy efficient lighting, PV  and rain water harvesting while working to achieve ISO 14001.

Steve Hickson is managing director at Hydratech