Glow-worm teams up with ADEY

Glow-worm has teamed up with ADEY Professional Heating Solutions to encourage installers to fit a MagnaClean Professional2 with all Glow-worm boilers.

MagnaClean is a magnetic filtration system which collects the dirt and sludge that gathers in all central heating systems, designed to extend the operational life of the boiler, reduce maintenance costs and lower the homeowner’s energy bills.

To encourage these benefits, Glow-worm is now rewarding members of its Club Energy loyalty programme with £5 for every MagnaClean Professional2 they install with a Glow-worm boiler.

Pippa Wibberley, commercial director at Glow-worm, said: “It is industry best practice to fit a filter when installing boilers and this partnership with ADEY encourages our loyal installers to fit the MagnaClean Professional2. We make it easy for them to register the MagnaClean online or via the Plumbing Toolbox App and they can then claim £5 in addition to their boiler reward.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with ADEY and provide this additional benefit to our installers. The purpose of the Club Energy programme is to reward installers for their loyalty to our brand, and this new partnership is just another example of the member benefits that installers can expect from us that they won’t find anywhere else.”