NTD appeals for installers to come on board

Installers are being sought by Natural Technology Developments (NTD) which launched the first UK-designed and manufactured dual generation solar PV-T panel at London’s Ecobuild show earlier this month.

North East-based NTD are the creators behind the Solar Angel panel and has recently signed a three year manufacturing deal with Durham-based PV manufacturer Romag to produce it. The business hopes to achieve an £8 million turnover by the end of 2016.

Managing director Paul Laidler said: “We have had considerable interest in Solar Angel from architects and specifiers and we are steadily building up a database of installers who can help us meet anticipated demand.

“Because Solar Angel is an innovative product we are choosing our installer partners very carefully. We have designed the panel to be easy to install in order to cut installation times, reduce costs and benefit installers and the customer alike. And we are looking for installers who not only have plumbing and electrical skills, but also have the skill set required to integrate Solar Angel with other green technologies.

“We only want the best installer partners alongside us for the journey, and we are currently visiting potential partners around the UK as well as developing our own PVT training course for those who are interested in having their staff trained to install the Solar Angel product.”

He added: “Dual generation panels are set to lead the growth of the solar panel market, as businesses and consumers start to realise the investment benefits of a dual panel over individual solar thermal and PV panels, particularly where there is a high heat and power demand, so this is an exciting opportunity for installers to get involved.”