Ecobuild achieves ISO20121 certification for Sustainable Event Management

Ecobuild pic
Ecobuild has been awarded the ISO20121 certification for Sustainable Event Management for its commitment to carbon footprint reduction, better management of resources and sourcing more sustainable options.

Ecobuild’s strategy was to firstly reduce the amount of waste that is generated through reduce and reuse at its 2014 event, and secondly increase the proportion of waste which is recycled. Applying these principles to its feature areas, Ecobuild created open-plan designs to minimise material usage, maximised use of hired and reusable components, and ensured waste is recycled or managed responsibly.

On top of that, organisers have reduced the carbon footprint of its event guide by 28 percent by swapping to 100 percent recycled paper for the first time.

Alison Jackson, group director of sustainability & construction, Ecobuild said: “We are so proud to receive ISO20121 certification, which is testament to the hard work and determination of our specialist organising team, partners, exhibitors and visitors who enabled us to ‘walk the walk’ this year towards a more sustainable event. Thank you to all involved and here’s to setting the bar even higher for Ecobuild 2015!”