Waxman partners with Nedap

Nedap PowerRouter in situ'
Waxman Energy has introduced the ‘PowerRouter’ to its product range through its new partnership with Nedap.

According to Netherlands-based Nedap, which manufactures the PowerRouter, the product is an intelligent solution linking PV panels with batteries so that energy can be used directly, stored or fed back to the grid.

Waxman Energy says it wants to ensure that installers across the UK are fully capable of fitting the system, which is why a training course is being planned through Waxman Training Academy.

Wouter Klunder, md of the Nedap PowerRouter, said: “We are proud to announce that we recently got Waxman Energy as one of our UK Business Partners. We very much value their position and knowledge in the UK solar market. Their first class service and technical support towards installers, excellent training facilities and extensive stock holding offer a reliable service and delivery throughout the UK, making them a much appreciated partner.”

Richard Waxman, chairman of the Waxman Group, added: “We as a company are very excited about the prospects for battery storage and wish to be the UK’s leading company supporting this technology, both in supply and training. We’re delighted to be able to promote the Nedap product, which is the most established and well- tested of its kind.”