Hybrid solar panels tested in Florida

Solar Angel
The Solar Angel hybrid panel, which generates both electricity and hot water, has proved to be over four times more energy efficient than standalone solar PV, says manufacturer Natural Technology Developments (NTD).

The results follow a month long trial of the Solar Angel panel by the Florida Solar Energy Centre (FSEC).

Northumberland-based NTD are hopeful that the product will receive full MCS accreditation and Solar Key Mark in time for next week’s Ecobuild exhibition in London.

NTD’s managing director Paul Laidler said: “We have always believed in our product and through our own research we knew it performed well. These independent results undertaken in a controlled testing complex further demonstrates that Solar Angel has enhanced energy harvesting capabilities, yielding higher electrical efficiency and free heat which can compete in an international market. 

“We chose Florida not only for a world leading test centre but also because the sunshine state would enable us to generate accurate results in the best conditions. The slimmest hybrid panel to be completely designed and manufactured in the UK has revealed fantastic results, showing the huge benefits of this combined technology, compared to individual panels.

“In the face of rising energy prices, renewable energy technologies and affordable products are vital for the future of the UK, and we are delighted with the results. We are building a network of installers and hope to increase those numbers when we officially launch the product in March.”