Plumb Center welcomes Green Deal simplification plan

Plumb Center has welcomed the Department of Energy and Climate Changes’s (DECC) proposals to make Green Deal more straightforward.

With Green Deal almost one year old, from January DECC is putting new measures in place to progress the scheme, including improving the Green Deal Advice Report, adding more measures to the list of those that can be supported under the Green Deal, and working with industry to find ways to reduce the cost of insurance requirements attached to Green Deal measures.

Tim Pollard, Plumb Center’s head of sustainability, said: “DECC’s plans to streamline the Green Deal make a lot of sense to us. The majority of people start thinking about their heating systems and energy consumption when they’ve got a problem, or when they get a huge bill.

“So if you capture people at that point, and make Green Deal easy to understand, that’s going to help. We welcome a lot of these ideas because Green Deal is a scheme that will be around for the long term.

“The UK has the oldest building stock in Europe, and we need to find ways to make homes more efficient, ensure people can pay their energy bills, and reduce fuel poverty. Green Deal can do this – we have the supply chain in place, and the expert installers to make it happen, so it’s encouraging to see DECC working to improve the initiative.”