Hutchinson Engineering warns of wind profits ‘disappearing abroad’

Hutchinson Engineering is calling for a radical change in how wind turbines and renewable energy are supplied in the UK.

According to the small and mid-sized wind turbine manufacturer, ‘UK PLC’ is not taking enough advantage of home-grown renewables expertise and is therefore missing out on a boost to the economy.

Neal Scrivener, business development manager at Hutchinson Engineering, said: “It is staggering to think that around 85 percent of wind turbines that you see on UK soil are currently made overseas. Ultimately this means profits that could be benefiting UK companies and ploughed back into the economy are simply disappearing abroad.

“This is despite the fact that UK manufacturing is renowned for its high quality, expertise and reliability and the renewable sector represents an exciting opportunity for us to lead the way globally.”

Neal added: “The UK has a golden opportunity to be the leading force in wind power – and for our expertise to be renowned throughout the world. That starts with ensuring UK manufacturers are used to produce wind farms for our own landscape, rather than the use of sometimes inferior imported structures.”