Shadow climate change minister visits SBC

Plumb Center’s Tim Pollard shows shadow climate change minister Jonathan Reynolds MP round the Sustainable Building Centre (SBC)
The new shadow climate change minister Jonathan Reynolds MP has praised the work of Wolseley UK’s Sustainable Building Center (SBC) in a visit to Leamington.

Mr Reynolds met with Plumb Center’s head of sustainability Tim Pollard and renewables director Simon Allan to look at renewable and energy efficient technologies in action, plus discuss topical industry issues.

“I wanted to learn more about the technologies that are available and things we can use to live in a more sustainable way,” said Reynolds, who replaced Luciana Berger in the role during an October Labour reshuffle.

“You read a lot about different technologies, but seeing them compared here and getting the facts about what the running costs are, who they’re appropriate for, the kinds of things that are possible; it’s inspiring because we could be using a lot more of this.

“These are not just things people should do out of altruism, they’re things that have a direct saving, particularly when energy prices are going up.

“There’s a lot of confusion. It’s sometimes not easy to access the right kind of advice but someone like Tim is the best person to ask. He knows his stuff and you can tell he cares about it, and he has the information that people really need.”

Tim Pollard added: “The SBC is open to all Plumb Center stakeholders who want to learn more about energy efficiency, whether it’s installers, builders, manufacturers or politicians from all parties.

“The UK has the oldest and most inefficient building stock in Europe, and we’re always happy to talk about the best ways to power our homes, drive down energy bills and make everybody’s lives easier.”