It’s renewables friday

Everlasting Marketing & PR's managing director Babak Daemi
Everlasting Marketing & PR’s managing director Babak Daemi
Manchester-based Everlasting PR & Marketing is urging the renewables industry to adopt its #RenewableFF initiative on Twitter.

In an extension of Twitter’s already popular Friday Follow hashtag (#FF), which is extensively used to promote other users to existing Twitter followers, the renewables sector now has its own dedicated hashtag to promote prominent accounts to like-minded companies to help boost the profile of the sector.

According to Everlasting, there are three main commercial benefits to this: Improved SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) value; networking opportunities and lead generation.

Babak Daemi, Everlasting, said: “Let’s get the #RenewableFF trending and support each other online. I will be doing this on Friday, will you?

“Having a Twitter hashtag can offer us an online place to meet other companies and open dialogue with them. The difference with Twitter and an exhibition is that Twitter gives us the opportunity to do this all day every day.

“As the renewable community grows and actively seeks to re-tweet and promote each other the tweets have more reach, communicating the message to a larger audience creating potential leads.”