Siemens Financial Services wins Green Lessor of the Year award

Leasing World hosts the 2013 Expo for the industry at One Whitehall Place with an exhibition space and seminar during the day followed by a dinner and awards ceremony in the Whitehall Suite, 2nd October 2013 Photography by Fergus Burnett
Siemens Financial Services (SFS) has been awarded Green Lessor of the Year accolade by Leasing World in its fifth annual Awards ceremony.

SFS describes the distinction as a testament to its efforts in bringing the green factor into mainstream business by making environmentally-friendly investments affordable and accessible. Since the inauguration of the Awards in 2009, Leasing World has been commending businesses that make a major contribution to the leasing industry by helping it progress and innovate to the benefit of the wider economy.

Darren Riva, head of energy efficiency financing at SFS in the UK, said: “We are thrilled that our commitment to helping businesses cut their energy costs, boost their bottom line and reduce their carbon footprint has been recognised. Credit constraints and an uncertain economic environment have made businesses hesitant to invest in green technologies. Yet the steady rise in energy prices has made the economics for green investments even more compelling.

“With our range of innovative and flexible financing solutions, tailored to suit each individual business’s unique requirements and circumstances, we help customers realise their green ambitions even in a difficult economic environment. By aligning finance payments with energy savings and productivity gains enabled by eco-friendly equipment, companies can invest in energy efficiency without having to commit scarce capital or use traditional lines of credit. The commendation from Leasing World will further fuel our drive in making a concrete contribution to sustainable development and seizing business opportunities in this arena.”

SFS’ efforts to help businesses boost their energy efficiency and improve profitability are further evidenced in the Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) scheme, a joint initiative with the Carbon Trust launched in the UK in 2011. The scheme is designed to provide finance for energy-efficient business equipment, where the expected savings in energy costs offset the monthly equipment finance costs, effectively making the investment zero net cost or even cash positive. The EEF scheme has already approved over 1,000 applications from SMEs, which make up more than 70 percent of the scheme’s financing portfolio, with a financing volume of tens of millions of pounds.