Two minutes with Grant UK

Who are you?
David Hall, national sales manager of Grant UK

What do you do?
I run a sales team of 10 covering the full range of products we sell from Shetland to the Channel Islands.

Where are you?
Devizes, Wiltshire

How’s business at the moment?
Extremely buoyant. We are encouraged and delighted by the increase in payments under RHPP for a number of the technologies we’re heavily involved in. We’re looking forward to the domestic RHI arriving but for now the RHPP increases will help.

How could it be better?
These are challenging times without a doubt, and we could all do with the economic upturn that’s been promised arriving sooner rather than later. One thing the government should really do, with regards to RHI and Green Deal, is increase public awareness as this would help stimulate the market.  Having said that, we have diversified our product range significantly and are seeing very encouraging sales across the board.

Who do you admire in renewables?
That’s not an easy choice in such a diverse marketplace, but I would say Griff Thomas from G-Tech Training has been a great asset to how we have approached the renewables market.

What’s the best business advice you have received?
Many years ago my boss at the time always said “Drill as many holes as you can and one day you will strike oil”. This has always stayed with me and proved to be very true.

How are you going green?
Energy efficiency and being ‘green’ is ingrained in the psyche here at Grant UK (ISO14001 accredited). We invest heavily in our award winning Training Academy and share this ethos with everyone we encounter.