Zigor appoints Micro-P as UK inverter distributor

Zigor has appointed Micro-P as the first UK distributor of its range of solar inverters.

The two companies have collaborated since 2010 when Micro-P became Zigor’s authorised uninterruptible power supply partner.

Gavin Banks, UK sales manager for Zigor, said: Micro-P has helped Zigor establish itself in the UK as a leading USP provider. We’re very pleased to be able to continue our relationship with them by appointing them as our only UK solar inverter distributor.

“We believe the performance of our inverter range, which is rich with technical features and user friendly graphical monitoring, combined with a very competitive price presents renewable energy installers with an excellent opportunity to offer something different. It also allows them to retain profit margin in a challenging marketplace.”

Rod Slater, networking business manager at Micro-P, added: “With the cost of energy increasing and the UK government targeting the running cost, capital cost and disposal costs of equipment used in public sector and industry, making use of the newest and most efficient inverter technology allows users to make considerable savings.

“Government departments, commercial and industrial users are all looking to improve their return on existing capital investment and with Zigor’s highly efficient inverters, this improvement can be easily achieved. For new installations looking to take advantage of solar to assist in offsetting CO2 or ensuring the highest possible efficiencies, Zigor Sunzet represents excellent value for money. As Zigor’s distribution partner, we are looking to train qualified installers to work with our extensive channels in developing and closing new opportunities.”