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energy saving alliance
As energy bills rocket and homeowners budget, energy saving is the solution, says Dan Caesar, managing director of Energise

Speaking directly to renewable energy installers, he said: “For all government’s talk of cost-cutting, cutting the cost of consumers energy bills seems surprisingly low on the political priority list.

“While granting the Green Deal a paltry pot of three million pounds, Cameron’s coalition are writing a blank cheque for fracking, nuclear and North sea oil.

“In spite of the fact that sources like shale gas will not stop energy bills from spiralling skywards, the government are disregarding the simplest of solutions, energy efficiency.

“While the loan element of government’s Green Deal has had the slowest of starts, with 40,000 assessments already, it is demonstrating that there is a definite demand for energy saving. And with the cost of energy rising relentlessly, is this such a surprise?

“After all, while there are tens of thousands of homeowners that want to save the planet, there are tens of millions of homeowners that want to save money.

“With the high energy that heating and hot water requires, we believe that soon, the most successful installers will be those that reinvent themselves as energy efficiency engineers.

“By 2013, our industry had high hopes of going round the homes of the UK making them more energy efficient, instead we’ve just being going round the houses. 

“It’s time to open some doors and that’s where the Energy Saving Alliance comes in. We will be unlocking the potential of this marketplace with an Energy Saving Home App which will generate leads for installing businesses.”

If you are interested in working together to promote energy saving to homeowners, follow us @EnergySaving_UK.

If you would like more information on the Energy Saving Alliance, Dan is presenting at the forthcoming Energy Efficiency Exhibitions across the UK this Autumn.

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