Segen drops PV prices to combat FiT reduction

Segen has announced that it will be reducing the prices of all of its solar PV products to help reduce the impact today’s Feed-in Tariff rate reduction.

In line with the automatic degression model introduced last year by the government, a cut of 3.5 per cent will be imposed for a three month period between today and October 1st on solar PV installations in the 0-50kW banding.

Segen has therefore decided to reduce its solar PV prices by a corresponding 3.5 per cent, to enable UK installers to pass on this saving to end-users and mitigate against any fall in demand.

Andy Pegg, ceo of Segen, said: “It is a tough time for UK installers at the moment. They have recently seen their costs pushed up due to the Chinese anti-dumping tariff and today’s feed-in tariff cut will only reduce margins further.

“As the leading UK distributor, it is Segen’s responsibility to help its customers weather the storm and these price reductions will hopefully go a long way to ensuring that there is not a fall in end-user demand for solar panels.”