Talking point

Liz MacFarlane
Liz MacFarlane, Zenex Solar, struggles to choose the worst of the industry’s ineptitudes

So who is the most unpopular in our eyes this month?  There are three hot favourites, and I’d struggle to choose who I’d put in the village stocks.

Bringing up the rear, we’ve got DECC and the government’s general mishandling and ineptitude around the Green Deal.  I’ve lost track…..surely we’re still at ‘soft launch’ stage? And while we’re on the subject of DECC, we mustn’t forget the endless moving goalpost that is the RHI. In its favour we have the recent announcement of the RHPP increases. Let’s hope this creates some positive movement in the sector.

In second place, let’s take our hats off to ProSun whose allegations of Chinese Solar PV ‘dumping’ into Europe mean that between 115,600 and 242,000 jobs may be lost as a result of the ensuing import tax. Not to mention the international trade war likely to follow. 

But in winning position this month, maybe because he’s such an easy target, please all give a round of applause to Colin Dunne, who brought the very worst of Daily Mail journalism into our midst on 13 May.  My colleagues on Twitter were in uproar as Dunne’s article entitled Don’t Fall For The Solar Panel Flannel, purported that his system which does give him some luke-warm hot water had been mis-sold because it hadn’t reduced his electricity bill.  Give me strength, my head is in my hands, I surrender.

Good on all of you who left your own responses on the Daily Mail website. Spooner of Nottingham, thanks so much for brightening my day with your comment “Colin is clearly too bewildered to be allowed to manage his own money. He has apparently spent £5,000 and doesn’t even know if he’s bought electricity panels or hot water panels.” 
And to SunSmart Energy for its insight “If you had bought a TV but opened the box to find a radio would you a) contact the seller to ask them to give you what you had ordered? b) write in a national newspaper about how these ‘TVs’ were a complete waste of money because you could only get sound out of them but no picture.”