Econic offers free heat pump seminar

Econic's managing director Rob Gardiner
Econic’s managing director Rob Gardiner
Heat pump specialist Econic is holding a free webinar which it says will dispell some of the myths surrounding the technology and its implementation.

The event will take place on Monday June 24, from 1pm-2pm.

Led by Econic’s managing director, Rob Gardiner, it aims to give consultants and all those interested in renewable energy a valuable insight into the technology and its implementation.

Topics to be covered in the hour include:

  • Types of ground collector and thermal storage systems  
  • Design parameters
  • Importance of geology and hydrogeology
  • Thermal and structural interactions and implications
  • Influencing factors on installation again performance
  • Industry guides and standards
  • Planning, statutory permits and licences

 To register for the event, please visit

Rob Gardiner said: “We are planning an informative and insightful webinar that will really focus on some of the key issues surrounding geothermal pile design. The aim is to get to the facts and to dispel some of the myths that surround the subject.

“We hope people will come away from the event with a clearer understanding of the technology and how it is implemented, as well as what to consider and the issues that need to be addressed when emabarking on a project.”