YouGen voted into top 50 ethical companies

Cathy Debenham, founder of YouGen
Cathy Debenham, founder of YouGen
Renewable energy information and directory business YouGen was among the top 50 ethical SMEs in the PEA-ples Favourite competition. With your votes, its founder Cathy Debenham now hopes to make it into the top ten.

The award is part of the PEA Awards, which are hosted by King Lion Media in association with GREEN Magazine, and will go to the highest voted ethical SME for best environmental practice and products.

Organisers are now appealing to the public to vote their favourite eco companies into the Top 10. Voting is open until 18 June and you can cast your vote by clicking here.  

Cathy Debenham, founder of YouGen, said: “Our goal is to help people save energy at home and at work. This may be by stopping the heat escaping, generating their own solar energy or doing things differently. We are really pleased that this work has chimed with enough people that they have taken the time to vote for us. It’s an honour to be in the top 50 among such illustrious company. We hope they will vote again, so we make it to the top 10.”

Director of My Green Directory, Sue Jueno, added: “We wanted to place the choice for the best ethical company with sustainability and environmental practice at its core in the hands of the general public, rather than a panel of judges’. She added: ‘we were overwhelmed by the diversity of companies that were voted for, giving a true indication of public support of the green sector. With today’s nervousness around lack of transparency from companies in the mainstream market it is even more important to create awareness of the SME’s that are dedicated to offering traceable products and services with ethics.”

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