Sun shines for Great Ormes visitors’ centre


The Great Orme visitors’ centre in Llandudno has been fitted with solar panels that will reduce energy bills and improve the building’s carbon footprint. The system, supplied by Hertfordshire-based Caplor Energy, forms part of Conwy County Council’s carbon neutral sustainability strategy.

The Visitors’ Centre has already undergone a number of changes to make it more energy efficient, including improvements to the hot water supply and internal lighting. The 8.8kW system of 60 solar panels is the latest development and has been chosen for its unobtrusive finish in addition to best matching the surrounding slate tiles. It is anticipated that the solar energy system will save a significant amount to the building’s existing electrical bill, as well as reducing the sites carbon footprint by 4.5 tonnes of CO2 annually.      

Conwy Councils’ property and asset services manager, Tony Cannon, said: “Following a Communities and Nature grant award, we elected to fit solar PV on the Great Orme Visitors Centre. We tendered the installation through Sell2Wales and Caplor were the successful Contractor, who completed the installation in one week and all to the highest quality.”