Strathclyde University kicks off research partnership with Gaia-Wind

gaia wind
Researchers at the University of Strathclyde are working with Gaia-Wind to develop new and more efficient wind turbine systems.

The University’s Centre for Advanced Condition Monitoring (CACM) is working with engineers at Gaia to develop technology to maximise performance and availability for the current and future product range.

Dr Francis Quail, director of CACM said: “The novel research is focused on technologies that will assist Gaia-Wind in its ambitious growth plans and is now underway, as engineers at the University work together with the industrial partner in several research projects.”

Johnnie Andringa, chief executive at Gaia-Wind, added: “As energy prices continue to rise, development of the efficiency and reliability of our small wind turbines becomes even more important. 

“At Gaia-Wind, our technology group has been engaged across a broad agenda of research and development. We are delighted to be part of this exciting partnership which allows us to work together with a leading academic research team to develop these novel systems.”