Q & A – Manhal Allos

Q: What have you got planned for 2013?
iVolt is part of the global Sollatek group and in the two years since its launch we’ve set out to revolutionise the way voltage optimisation (VO) works. In 2013 we’ll be building on our advanced technology with the launch of new products including one specifically for new-builds., which offers even greater savings. We’re also developing plans to offer a gain-share solution and developing an international network of re-sellers/introducers.

Q: What do you see as the growth areas in renewables?
The VO market has huge potential because it’s a simple, cost-effective way of reducing energy consumption and lowering CO2 emissions, with a fast payback time. We estimate 400,000 British businesses would benefit from VO and believe our technology is so advanced that in 90 per cent of cases the iVolt will save more money than other systems.

Q:  How is your company cutting its carbon footprint?
We’re in the business of energy-saving technology so naturally it’s important that our production processes have minimal environmental impact. Transformers and associated components are shipped by sea to our HQ near Heathrow in recyclable containers. The manufacturing teams follow Sollatek environmental policy standards to minimise waste and our testing procedures involve testing the units on full voltage and full current independently, which minimises energy use.

Manhal Allos is founder and managing director of British voltage optimisation manufacturer iVolt