LG launch NeoN module


LG Electronics has introduced its new module for 2013: the Mono X NeoN module.

According to the company, the module provides 20 percent more output than the previous reference module Mono X and makes the mounting process easier for installers, thanks to its reduced weight and improved assembly mechanisms.

It adds that the focus is on the bi-facial cell, which is said to capture the light reflected from the back sheet onto the cell back side, resulting in an increase not only in the light yield, but also in the energy and financial return for the solar power user.

The monocrystalline module consists of 6 cells by 10 and has an overall size of 164 x 100 x 3.5 cm, weighing 16.8 kg. LG Solar also provides a 10-year product guarantee and a 25-year linear performance guarantee for its solar modules.

“The Mono X NeoN module is an important milestone in the path towards a viable source of renewable energy, especially for end-consumers in Germany”, said Michael Harre, vice president of EU Solar Business Group at LG Electronics.

“We will continue to invest consistently in R&D in order to bring high-quality solar technology to the market, thus contributing to the overall energy supply and making customers more independent from fluctuations in electricity prices.”