Introducing the SolarCalc

Screencast - SolarCalc - FrontScreen
Therma Solutions has just launched its suite of online programmes targeted at the solar thermal industry.

SolarCalc is a solar thermal design programme which can be accessed from any mobile, smartphone, tablet or PC.

The programme also comes with ‘Estimator’ and ‘Payback’, designed to assist the installer in devising accurate job estimations and quotations as well as working out the number of years an installation is likely to be paid back. 

The calculations are based on approved methodology described in ‘The Solar Heating Design & Installation Guide’ published by the working group of the Domestic Building Services Panel, consisting of CIBSE, APHC, IDHEE & HHIC to name a few.

According to the company, solar thermal installers will be offered something totally unique, with real added value, as they are the most reliable, intuitive and affordable productivity design tools on the market.

Therma Solutions’ website ( also offers a room-by-room heat loss calculation tool called ‘ThermaCalc’, based on the ‘Domestic Heating Design Guide’, published by the Building Services Panel, and a hot water recovery rate estimator called ‘AquaCalc’ based on BS6700 as well as a combination boiler diagnostics tool that’s free to use with the other apps.

Prices start from £1.99, with some apps available for free.