CleanTech Centre to host SME event

nottingham cleantech centre
Nottingham CleanTech Centre is to host a series of events later this month aimed at showing SMEs how effective simple energy efficiency improvements can be.

The ‘Fabric First Energy Efficiency’ series begins on April 23 with a programme of speakers at the University of Nottingham’s Energy Technologies Building and is being supported by its Accelerating a Low Carbon Economy Project (ALCE).

Dr Nick Gostick, managing director of Inntropy which is organising the events, said: “Across the country companies are wasting £7 billion worth of energy a year. Many of these companies are based in old industrial buildings which are far from being energy efficient. In fact it is estimated that there are two million industrial buildings nationally which account for 18 percent of CO2 emissions.

“However, significant cost savings can be made from focusing on energy efficiency improvements to the buildings they own or occupy, but there is a lack of awareness of how simple it can be to implement and achieve this amongst local businesses, particularly small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).

“With the inevitable continuing rise in energy costs which all businesses face – it seems only sound economic sense to properly insulate building walls, improve heating controls and regulate energy usage.  Therefore, we have designed our latest series of events to provide some practical, simple and importantly low cost suggested improvements that can be made to the fabric of the building and dramatically reduce energy loss. These simple steps have the potential to cut energy bills by up to 15 percent, which will represent a significant cost saving for businesses looking to reduce overheads.”

For more information on the events, the first of which is free to qualifying SMEs, email or visit