The magic box

thermodynamic box
Magic Thermodynamic Box Ltd is now offering the Little and Big Magic Box thermodynamic systems to renewable energy installers.

The Little Magic box is designed to retrofit to existing hot water cylinders whilst the larger version is designed as a replacement unit.

According to the company, the Little Magic Box takes four hours to install with an average COP of 4. By connecting into the cold feed in and the hot feed out, the cylinder fills with cold water and then a pressure valve closes. The water in the cylinder then circulates through the Little Magic box until it reaches 55°C. Once this is achieved the system goes into standby mode. This means that the existing cylinder is utilized and does not need to be replaced.

Magic Thermodynamic Box Ltd adds that this system uses around 1kW per day for 200 litres of hot water, so if electricity is 11p/kWh, it’s £40 per year running cost.

Both the Little and Big Magic boxes come with a five year guarantee.