Plumb Center get government mention

Simon Allan(renewables director, Plumb Center), Greg Barker (climate change secretary), and Tim Pollard, (head of sustainability, Plumb Center)
Simon Allan (renewables director, Plumb Center), Greg Barker (climate change secretary), and Tim Pollard (head of sustainability, Plumb Center)
The government has applauded the work Plumb Center is doing on Green Deal, which will help put more money in installers’ pockets.

In a House of Commons Green Deal debate, Robin Walker (Conservative MP for Worcester) said Wolseley [Plumb Center] is looking forward to participating in Green Deal. He then asked Greg Barker what steps are being taken to make sure all installers have the chance to sell it to their customers.

In his response, Barker singled out Plumb Center’s installer training and said: “I was delighted to see Wolseley [Plumb Center] is seeing strong demand for its Green Deal training.”

As well as offering Green Deal Advisor training in partnership with Sevenoaks Training Academy, Plumb Center is also a Green Deal Provider. This status gives installers, who register with Plumb Center, the opportunity to access Green Deal funding for their customers. 
Simon Allan, Plumb Center’s renewables director, added: “We want to help installers get the most out of Green Deal. We offer a comprehensive package of products and services for our customers – advice, training, accreditation, finance and energy efficiency products.”