Ofgem figures show sharp fall in wind costs

offshore wind
New figures released by Ofgem show that wind energy costs as little as 2.67p per household per day.

The energy regulator also revealed that, together, onshore and offshore wind accounted for nearly 59 percent of renewable energy generation in the UK in 2011/2012.

RenewableUK’s director of policy, Dr Gordon Edge, said: “These figures from Ofgem show that while wind energy continues to grow, providing more and more British homes with clean energy, the costs remain low. Anyone who cares about stabilising consumer bills should support investment in clean energy and getting us off the hook of imported fossil fuels.

“Wind energy is the UK’s most abundant and inexhaustible asset and these results affirm that the industry is on track to generate at least 20 percent of the UK’s electricity needs by 2020. In the context of rising energy costs as a whole, it is imperative that we continue to harness this plentiful and natural resource and take control of our energy future.”