MPC welcomes commitment to zero carbon homes

The Micropower Council and Plumb Center have both welcomed the chancellor’s re-affirmation of policy that all new homes are to be zero carbon by 2016.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has pledged to publish a detailed plan on the energy efficiency requirements in building regulations, by May 2013.

Emma Piercy, head of policy for the Micropower Council, said: “The budget has provided a welcome boost for the microgeneration industry in confirming government’s commitment to the 2016 zero carbon homes target.  To help make this a reality, we urge the government to adopt the Halfway approach for the 2013 building regulations, benefiting consumers, industry and the wider economy in job creation.”

Tim Pollard, Plumb Center’s head of sustainability, added: “It’s great the government is recognising the importance of switching to a sustainable economy, and we’re excited with the plans for zero carbon homes. With energy bills on the rise and many in the UK suffering from fuel poverty, something has to be done, and we’re pleased the government is taking action.”