Sundog founder plays key role in new PV guide

One of the key author’s other the MCS’s recently published and updated PV installer guide says he is ‘delighted’ to see it in print following two years hard work.

Martin Cotterell, founder and technical director of Sundog Energy, was one the principle PV industry experts used to compile the guide which was launched by climate change minister Greg Barker last week.

The first edition of the guide was published in 2002, with a second edition following in 2006. A third update was required due to the expansion of the market and rapid technological advancements.

“I am delighted that the new PV guide has been launched,” said Martin.

“All PV installers have to follow these standards so there will be a level playing field of best practice for the industry.   Consumers can now have even greater confidence in solar PV as a safe and effective technology that delivers massive financial savings and environmental benefits.”