Anesco ceo hits back at Green Deal critics

Anesco ceo Adrian Pike
Anesco ceo Adrian Pike
The government should be applauded for its Green Deal scheme and the lasting financial and environment benefits it will bring, according to the boss of energy efficiency firm Anesco. 

Adrian Pike, ceo and co-founder of Anesco, has hit back at critics saying the scheme has been “vastly misunderstood”.

He believes confusion over how the scheme will operate is detracting from the real picture and that many concerns being raised are unfounded.  

Adrian said: “It’s simple – Green Deal will allow homeowners to improve the efficiency of their homes without the need for capital up front. Any home can be assessed and reap the benefits.

 “Think of it this way, anyone planning to make improvements to their home, such as by installing a new boiler, insulation or glazing, will usually pay for these improvements through a finance agreement. The rates are likely to be far higher than those offered through Green Deal and they won’t have the protection of the golden rule.”

He added: “It is easy to criticise the government without knowing all the facts.”