Turbine fleet outperforms in first year

ice renewables

12 months since installing its first Vergnet wind turbine, a North Yorkshire renewables company is reporting that its UK fleet is surpassing expectations.

According to ICE Renewables, the company has experienced a record volume of orders for wind turbines compared to previous years, posting record sales, with an increase in turnover of over 300 percent.

Based on the Crabtree Hall Business Centre in Northallerton, ICE Renewables is the exclusive UK distributor for Vergnet and has installed 10 of these turbines across Great Britain in the last year, with a further two currently in construction. 

Through constant remote monitoring, ICE’s operations and maintenance division reports that these turbines have routinely outperformed on contracted targets throughout the last year.

Speaking about the fleet’s performance, ICE Renewable’s ceo, Julian Martin, said: “This has been an exceptional year for us in terms of sales and performance.

“We would generally expect a single wind turbine installation to have an availability of around 95 per cent each month, but the majority of our turbines are recording between 96.3 per cent and 99.6 per cent. This is very high indeed and highlights the quality and reliability of our operations and maintenance team and the Vergnet wind turbine, which is a key factor for businesses and farms when choosing the right product.

“Medium wind turbines, such as Vergnet’s, offer excellent returns for farmers, landowners, communities and businesses, especially at the moment with the increasing cost of energy. If customers have the space for a turbine, it really is a good economic investment for them.”

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