SolarMax S Series hits 100 year mark

Inverter manufacturer Sputnik says that more than 160,000 of its SolarMax S series string inverters have been installed globally in the last five years.

The company reports that only one percent of the devices require repair work each year which equates to a 99 percent reliability.

The low malfunction rate results in an MTBF (mean time between failures) value of 100 years.

“The MTBF value is only a statistical measure for the malfunction rate and only to a certain degree allows conclusions regarding the operating time of the inverters to be reached, but it nevertheless demonstrates the potential of solar technology,” said Hans-Georg Schweikardt, head of product management with Sputnik Engineering.

“The MTBF value of the S series is calculated on the basis of the devices installed on site and both the plant and the grid operator are provided with continuous output performance and, thus, high reliability in terms of grid feed-in.”