Q & A – Canadian Solar

REI: What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
SQ: We expect to gain further market share as we deliver reliable, high-performance PV solutions, and expand sales of our high efficiency ELPS modules in key solar markets. And we will expand our total solutions business. Canadian Solar will also continue to invest in R&D for promising technologies and in our sales and business partner network to create and support trustworthy, long-term relationships.

REI: What do you see as the growth areas in renewables?
SQ: In general terms we see storage technologies as being the next big growth area for the whole renewables industry. Canadian Solar has just started a program for testing such technologies inJapanfor residential and small commercial PV systems.

REI: How is your company cutting its carbon footprint?
SQ: Canadian Solar is committed to reducing the global carbon footprint and supports this goal through its continued efforts to make clean solar energy affordable for everyone, offering cost-efficient, high-performing solutions for multiple market sectors. The company is also a keen supporter of initiatives which demonstrate strategies for an emission-free future. Our support of the Zero Emissions Race, an electric car race around the world ‘fueled’ through renewable energies, is a good example of this.

Dr Shawn Qu is ceo of Canadian Solar