Hybrid Heating urges government to promote heat pumps

Hybrid Heating’s operations director Tim Bennett
A heat pump installer is urging the government to go further in its drive to reduce consumer energy bills by promoting renewable energy.

Proposals were outlined yesterday by energy secretary Ed Davey to force energy suppliers to move consumers to cheaper tariffs and reduce the number of confusing deals bill payers are exposed to. Although this should mean that consumers benefit from cheaper utilities deals, Hybrid Heating’s operations director, Tim Bennett, thinks the government could move one step further.  

He said: “Any action by the government to cut household energy bills is of course to be welcomed, and we congratulate the energy minister Ed Davey for speaking out against the bewildering array of tariffs the big energy companies offer their customers. However, if homeowners want big savings on their bills, we would urge the government to promote Air Source Heat Pumps, which can slash prices.

“The government needs to be clearer about the clean energy targets for 2030. By continuing to use gas and oil, the government will miss these targets, and homeowners will continue to see their bills rise.

“The fact is you can get something for nothing with an Air Source Heat Pump electric boiler, utilising the latest advancements in heat compression technology modern air source heat pumps achieve efficiencies in excess of 4.5 to 1. This means for every 1 kilowatt of electricity it takes to drive the unit homeowners receive up to 4.5 kilowatts of heat energy directly into their existing central heating system.”

Tim adds that on top of the substantial and immediate reduction in Hybrid Heating Systems’ customers’ annual heating bill they are protecting their heating costs against the rising price of energy.

He added: “Presently daytime electricity costs are approximately 12p per Kw hour with overnight economy 7 rates typically half this amount at 6p but rising all the time. Using a Hybrid boiler at current peak time rates you will receive 36 pence worth of free heat for every kilowatt hour you have paid to run the heat pump.”