Government guilty of ‘dithering incompetence’, says Boroughs

Organic Energy’s managing director Andy Boroughs

Renewable energy suppliers Organic Energy has hit out at the government for its failure to set carbon emission targets in the Energy Bill.

The company’s managing director Andy Boroughs says this will effectively create a gas dependent UK as the energy generation sector is not obliged to seek out greener forms of energy. Any dependence on gas is likely to lead to higher bills for consumers and a greater exposure to the volatility of global fossil fuel prices.

“This is dithering incompetence by a government which claimed it would be the greenest ever,” he said.

“What is really frightening is that it is not until 2016 that a decision on carbon emission targets for 2030 will be considered – the government is not even willing to guarantee that targets will actually be set at that point.

“A decision which will see the UK become even more dependent on gas when prices are rising is short-sighted and irresponsible and fails to address not only the immediate threat of blackouts but the UK’s long-term plan to become a low-carbon economy.

He added: “By failing to make a decision, the investment in growth of the low carbon sector is under serious threat, left in limbo until at least 2016 and potentially beyond that. This is the clearest signal yet that the government is not willing to put its money where its mouth is on green policy.”