Solarcentury donates £35k to Africa solar campaign

Frans van den Heuvel, ceo, Solarcentury
Solarcentury has today announced that it will donate £35,000 to SolarAid’s ‘Share a light’ campaign.

The SolarAid charity, founded by Solarcentury in 2006, aims to tackle poverty and climate change using solar power and this donation amounts to five percent of the company’s annual profit for 2011/12.

The Share a light campaign is designed to eradicate kerosene from Africa by 2020, and will use the £35,118 donation to subsidise the cost of more than 5,850 solar lamps across Africa.

Steve Andrews, ceo of SolarAid, said: “When a company like Solarcentury makes this type of donation to SolarAid, they help to abolish the crippling dependence many African households have on kerosene. As well helping directly reduce poverty levels, these donations also provide substantial health and educational benefits to impoverished families. We are incredibly grateful for Solarcentury’s generosity, as well as their vision and on-going commitment to a kerosene free future.”

Frans van den Heuvel, ceo, Solarcentury, added: “Solar PV has a crucial role to play in the developing world where countless communities are paralysed by fuel poverty.  SolarAid’s ‘Share a Light’ campaign is making literally a life changing difference to these communities.   As a company, we believe whole-heartedly in the SolarAid vision and hope that our donation helps to inspire other solar companies to get behind the cause.”