Q & A

Q & A

Paul Bradbury

Libra Energy UK

REI: What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
PB: An Online webshop will soon be unveiled giving customers the ability to order direct and see live stock holding. Solar Power UK in October will see the announcement of major new supplier deals further enhancing our product portfolio. Also a Libra Roadshow is planned offering training and advice to customers.

REI: What do you see as the growth areas in renewables?
PB: Commercial 20+kW PV installations are now the most enquired about but domestic kits are still popular despite the Feed-in Tariff drop and with the Green Deal imminent we envisage a resurgence of interest. Voltage optimisation and the new generation hybrid inverters along with increasingly efficient panels are positive steps to deliver maximum savings and results for consumers.

REI: How is your company cutting its carbon footprint?
PB: Wherever possible we recycle and keep our energy use to a minimum. Low voltage LED lighting is used throughout the office, we also car share and use electronic communications for all invoicing and mailing.

 Paul Bradbury is UK general manager at Libra Energy